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Marilisa Benigno

Marilisa has been working in real estate and property management for over 25 years. As President of the Benigno Group of companies and Ventura Realty, she strives to offer exemplary client service, professionalism, and integrity. Marilisa is dedicated and thorough, careful not to miss any opportunities for growth in the business’s 300 plus unit count portfolio. In an ever evolving Atlantic real estate market, her expert knowledge of all things real estate drives her passion for development to continuously improve the company’s longevity and holdings. She is inspired and proud to work along side her family in a business with a legacy that has grown and thrived for almost 60 years. As one of the only female developers in the industry, Marilisa wants to change the leadership landscape of property development companies in Atlantic Canada. Marilisa also brings a high level of formal education to her list of credentials, adding to her qualifications as a businesswoman in industries that deal with diverse groups and individual backgrounds. She is also proud to be the Honorary Consul of Italy for the Atlantic Provinces, where she has formed strong relationships with our various levels of government to assist Canadians and Italians with immigration, travel, and trade inquiries. In recognition of her role as Consul of Italy, she is a 2023 recipient of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee Medal of Canada, an honour that recognizes exemplary service to one’s community.

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